We're working on it. . .


No it's not an attack.

We had some issues with the primary web server, so we've done a bit of fixin. The fixin aint' final, but foolishly we've gone ahead and brought it back up already.We appreciate everyone's patience while we work to restore what we can and take this opportunity to better what we must.

Links will most certainly be dead until revived and I imagine this will happen in a stepwise fashion.


Who we are

The Shmoo Group is a non-profit think-tank comprised of security professionals from around the world who donate their free time and energy to information security research and development.

What we do

In addition to all of our internal projects, (ShmooCon, AirSnort, Rainbow Tables to name a few), our work extends into some of the most widely used infosec software (and books!) around. From Lord of the Rings, to Mixmaster, to Apache, to PGP, to Snort, to OpenSSL, to StackGuard/FormatGuard ... the list goes on and on. Oh, and sometimes you can catch us teaching, preaching, and expounding various topics we find interesting at conferences around the planet.

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